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Empire State Building

350 Fifth Avenue

The landmark edifice gained 38% more energy efficiency when Timbil retrofitted the existing heating system. In addition, energy costs were reduced by $2.2 million per year. The one-year renovation was accomplished on nights and weekends to avoid interrupting tenants in their work spaces.

World Financial Center Winter Garden

220 Vesey Street

Falling debris in the 2001 World Trade Center attacks brought devastating damage to the landmark Winter Garden. Timbil completed a total renovation of all HVAC systems in time for September 11, 2002, when President George Bush addressed the generally assembly of the United Nations in the Winter Garden. Facing numerous challenges and super-accelerated coordination with other trades, Timbil met the budget and finished on time — a project that would have taken two years under normal circumstances.

Project value: $4 million

25 Broadway

25 Broadway

The infrastructure in this near-100-year-old building had never been updated. Timbil renovated the chilled water and condenser water systems, and installed new chillers, cooling towers, 24-inch risers and a steam station. The result was greater energy efficiency, making the building more attractive to potential tenants.

Project value: $10 million

JP Morgan Chase Global Headquarters

270 Park Avenue

The JP Morgan building required HVAC renovation on all 51 floors, the first such renovation since the early 1980s. In three years, without moving tenants, Timbil installed perimeter risers on all floors, as well as 6,000 fan coils.

Project value: $40 million

Goldman Sachs, New York Stock Exchange

If a trading room floor were jeopardized by an HVAC shut-down, the impact would be global. For years, Timbil’s professional integrity has been proven in periodic updates to the critical systems operating behind the faces of these financial giants. Working nights and weekends, Timbil ensures that trading room floors are up and running on the Monday after all internal repairs and upgrades.

Central Park Zoo

East 64th Street

Age and deterioration left the zoo’s penguin exhibit in need of a new chiller plant and glycol system. For Timbil, the challenge was to maintain minutely specific air and water temperatures to sustain the penguins during renovation. The old system had to remain active until the new equipment was on line. The work was accomplished in multiple phases without jeopardizing the penguins.

Project value: $1 million

American Museum of Natural History

Gates loaned his collection of 12 Leonardo DaVinci paintings to the Museum of Natural History for four months. But the dehumidification system in the museum’s display area was not conducive to housing priceless paintings. Timbil ran 24-inch underground condenser water piping and installed new chillers and cooling towers to meet the need.

Project value: $4.5 million

One New York Plaza

One New York Plaza

Most buildings have a maximum of two power sources to run their chiller plants. Timbil installed a state-of-the-art tribrid chiller plant to cool this building with three powering options: gas, steam or electric. One New York Plaza is now among a handful of New York City buildings equipped with tribrid systems.

Project value: $13 million

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

10 Lincoln Center Plaza

During the Lincoln’s massive redevelopment, Timbil had five months to build a new chiller plant without causing cancellation of a single show. The project included installation of 7 chillers and 27 pumps, plus replacement of all 24-inch and 36-inch condenser headers and chilled water headers.

Project value: $7 million

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